Wall Grazing & Washing Perimeter Systems

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iLas® Pocket Framing for Wall Washing


Prefabricated pocket framing provides clean, precise edges for a perfect wash of light in a perimeter slot. In conjunction with an iLas system luminaire the system’s proprietary indexing allows for field aiming peak candela for even wall washing. Rigid system components assure precise alignment and reduce installation time compared to field-built pockets.

Electrix coordinates shipping with construction phases: framing ships after wall board and before ceiling framing. Stocked components provide straight, inside or outside 90° corner runs with field adjustable telescoping sections for precise run length. The 9.25” projection x 7.125” height perimeter frame system creates a 3.75” x 6” aperture. Designed for both drywall and drop ceilings for seamless design integration.

  • Framing designed for tool-less installation of drivers and luminaires
  • Standard and optional emergency drivers mounted on wireway covers ship with luminaires. Install with quick connect wiring and quarter turn fasteners
  • Driver compartment accessible for field maintenance
  • Frame options include telescoping sliding sleeve for field adjustable length. Inside and outside 90° corners available
  • Return air options available
  • Extruded aluminum driver housing with 12 gauge feed through wiring for standard and optional emergency circuits
  • Extruded rail supports frame at wall side. 18 gauge fixture suspension brackets provide tie wire (by others) mounting points
  • Standard extruded aluminum ceiling detail provides for drywall finish. Drop ceiling extruded trim available
  • Patent Pending

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